Math Resources Grades 3-5

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A. Multi Concept and Multi Level Sites
  1. Arithmetic Four Interactive!
  2. Bitesize Revision KS2 Math Interactive! from the BBC
  3. Count On Interactive!
  4. E-Lab Interactive!
  5. E-Manipulatives Interactive! Teacher Tool
  6. e-tools Interactive! use with Investigations
  7. IXL Math Interactive!
  8. Kids Kount Interactive!
  9. Math-a-rama Interactive! from Houghton Mifflin
  10. Maths File Interactive! Grades 4-6
  11. Rainforest Maths Interactive!
  12. Skillswise Math Interactive!
  13. Spy Guys Interactive! Grades 4-6
  14. Virtual Manipulatives Interactive!
B. Addition and Subtraction
  1. Addition of Three-Digit Numbers Interactive! from E-Lab
  2. Addition Pyramid Interactive!
  3. Base Blocks Addition Interactive!
  4. Base Blocks Subtraction Interactive!
  5. Close to 20, 100, 1000 Interactive! from Investigations
  6. Estimation Contraption Interactive!
  7. Estimation Game Interactive!
  8. Estimator Four Interactive!
  9. Island Chase Subtraction Interactive!
  10. Jet Ski Addition Interactive!
  11. Math Magician Games +, -, X, / Interactive!
  12. Speed Grid Addition 1 Interactive!
  13. Speed Grid Addition 2 Interactive!
  14. Speed Grid Addition 3 Interactive!
  15. Speed Grid Subtraction 1 Interactive!
  16. Speed Grid Subtraction 2 Interactive!
  17. Speed Grid Subtraction 3 Interactive!
C. Graphing and Data
  1. Billy Bug Interactive! Coordinate Graphing
  2. Billy Bug Advanced Interactive! Coordinate Graphing
  3. Carroll Diagrams Interactive! Whiteboard Module
  4. Carroll Diagrams II Interactive!
  5. Create a Graph Interactive!
  6. Graphers Interactive!
  7. Greg's Grid Graphs Instructional and Interactive!
  8. Hide and Seek Interactive! Coordinate Graphing
  9. Reading a Graph 3 Interactive!
  10. Reading a Graph 4 Interactive!
  11. Simple Maze Game Interactive!
  12. Venn Diagrams Interactive!
D. Fractions (in order of difficulty)
  1. AAA Fractions to Decimals Interactive!
  2. Comparing Fractions Interactive!
  3. Cross the River Interactive!
  4. Fraction Monkeys Interactive!
  5. Fraction Sorter Interactive!
  6. Bowling for Fractions Interactive!
  7. Fractions Interactive! and Instructive
  8. Fractions- Parts of a Whole Interactive!
  9. Fractions- Visualizing Interactive!
  10. Higher and Lower Interactive!
  11. Equivalent Fractions Interactive! from Illuminations
  12. Equivalent Fractions Interactive!
  13. Adding Unlike Fractions Interactive! from E-Lab
  14. Visual Fractions Interactive!
E. Geometry
  1. Shapes Interactive! from BBC's Skillswise
  2. 3D Earth Exploration Interactive!
  3. 3D Hangman Interactive!
  4. 5th Grade Geometry Lessons
  5. Bisecting Figures Interactive! from E-Lab
  6. Fruit Picker Interactive!
  7. Geometric Figures Match Interactive!
  8. Icy Slides, Flips, and TurnsInteractive!
  9. Make a Flake Interactive!
  10. Making Triangles and Creating Polygons Interactive Geoboard!
  11. Math Lingo Interactive! Go to Unit 6 for Geometry
  12. Puzzle Parlor Interactive!
  13. Quadrilateral Quest Interactive!
  14. Robo Packer Interactive!
  15. Shape and Space Interactive! from BBC's Bitesize
  16. Shape Tool Interactive!
  17. Shapes Interactive! 2D and 3D from the BBC
  18. Sorting 3D Shapes Interactive! Whiteboard Module
  19. Symmetry Interactive! Teacher Tool
  20. Symmetry Activity Interactive!
  21. Symmetry Game Interactive!
  22. Tangrams Interactive!
  23. Triangles Interactive! Identifying and Sorting
F. Measurement
  1. Adam Ant Explores Perimeter Interactive!
  2. Angles Interactive! from the BBC
  3. Angles Hangman Interactive!
  4. Area Partners Interactive!
  5. Banana Hunt Interactive! Angles.
  6. Clown Clear-Up Interactive! Angles
  7. Comparison Estimator Interactive!
  8. Cyberchase: Spaceship Builder Interactive! Area and Perimeter
  9. Guess the Random Angle Interactive!
  10. Measures Interactive! from the BBC
  11. Measuring Agles With a Protractor Interactive!
  12. Measuring Fractional Parts with a Customary Ruler Interactive!
  13. Measuring With a Metric Ruler Interactive!
  14. Metric Measures Interactive!
  15. More or Less Estimator Interactive!
  16. Planetary Rescue Squad Interactive! Angles
  17. The Ruler Game Interactive!
  18. What's My Angle Interactive! Measuring with a Protractor
G. Money
  1. Cash Out Interactive!
  2. Making Change Interactive!
  3. The United States Mint's Site for Kids Interactive!
H. Multiplication and Division
  1. Coloring Multiples Interactive!
  2. Division with Remainers Interactive! from E-lab
  3. Drag Race Division Interactive!
  4. Factorize Two Interactive!
  5. Math Magician Games +, -, X, / Interactive!
  6. Meteor Multiplication Interactive!
  7. Modeling Division with Two-Digit Divisors Animated!
  8. Multiplication Baseball Interactive!
  9. Multiplication Grand Prix Interactive!
  10. Multiplication Mystery Interactive! Finding Factors
  11. Multiplication Space Race Interactive!
  12. Speed Grid Challenge Interactive!
  13. Sum Sense Multiplication Interactive!
  14. Sum Sense Division Interactive!
  15. Tables Shooter Interactive! Multiplication practice
I. Patterns, Functions and Algebra
  1. Calculation Balance Interactive!
  2. Function Machine Interactive!
  3. Function Machine 2 Interactive!
  4. Number Cruncher Interactive!
J. Place Value (in order of difficulty)
  1. Number Machine Interactive! from Cyberchase
  2. Place Value Instructional Lesson Interactive!
  3. Place Value to 100,000 Interactive! from Harcourt E-lab
  4. Place Value Golf Interactive!
  5. Decimal and Whole Number Jeopardy Interactive! Compare numbers
  6. Decimals Interactive! Whiteboard Module
  7. Higher and Lower Interactive!
  8. Number Sorter Interactive!
  9. Place Value Mystery Numbers Interactive!
  10. Place Value Top It Interactive!
  11. Placing Numbers on the Number Line Interactive!
  12. Hang Out the Wash Interactive! Decimal order
K. Problem Solving
  1. Bobby Bear Interactive! probability exercise
  2. Brain Teasers
  3. Button Beach Challenge Interactive!
  4. Carroll Diagrams Interactive! Multiples, Odd Even
  5. Circle 21 Interactive!
  6. Circle 99 Interactive!
  7. Cyberchase Interactive!
  8. Electro Magnet Game Interactive!
  9. Kid's Place from Houghton Mifflin Mathematics
  10. Logic Games Interactive! Click on light green dots for the free games.
  11. Math Cats Story Problems Interactive!
  12. Math Hunt WebQuests
  13. Math Maven's Mysteries Interactive!
  14. Math Millionaire Interactive!
  15. Max's Math Adventures from Scholastic
  16. Monster Exchange
  17. Oochina the Archeologist Interactive!
  18. Power Lines 1 Interactive!
  19. Power Lines 2 Interactive!
  20. Power Lines 3 Interactive!
  21. Practice with Tree Diagrams Interactive!
  22. Set Daily Puzzle Interactive!
  23. Thinking of a Number Interactive!
L. Time
  1. Bang on Time Interactive!
  2. Class Clock Interactive! Teacher Tool
  3. Clock Interactive! Teacher Tool
  4. Elapsed Time 2 Interactive! from E-Lab!
  5. Stop the Clock 1/2 hour Interactive!
  6. Stop the Clock 1/4 hour Interactive!
  7. Stop the Clock 5 min Interactive!
  8. Stop the Clock 1 min Interactive!
  9. Higher and Lower Interactive!
  10. Time Matching Interactive! Match the different ways to read the same times.
  11. Time to the Minute Interactive! from E-Lab

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