Math Resources Grades K-2

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A. Multi Concept and Multi Level Sites
  1. Bitesize Numberacy KS1 Interactive!
  2. Count Us In! Interactive! Basic Concepts for PreK-1
  3. e-tools Interactive! use with Investigations
  4. E-Manipulatives Interactive!
  5. IXL Math Interactive!
  6. Kids Kount Interactive!
  7. Maggie's Earth Adventures Interactive! (Scroll down to Math)
  8. Math Games Interactive! From PBS Kids
  9. Math-a-rama Interactive! from Houghton Mifflin
  10. Starship Maths Interactive! from the BBC
  11. Virtual Manipulatives K-2 Interactive!
B. Addition and Subtraction
  1. Addition Surprise Interactive!
  2. Alien Addition Interactive!
  3. Base Blocks Addition Interactive!
  4. Base Blocks Subtraction Interactive!
  5. Count Hoot Interactive!
  6. Ducky Race Interactive!
  7. Find a Friend Interactive!
  8. Hidden Picture Interactive!
  9. High-Rise Math Interactive! Partner Activity
  10. Island Chase Subtraction Interactive!
  11. Jet Ski Addition Interactive!
  12. Kitten Match Interactive!
  13. Matching Pictures and Stories to Number Sentences Interactive!
  14. Math Magician Games +, -, X, / Interactive!
  15. Minus Mission Interactive!
  16. Number Line Arithmetic Animated!
  17. Number Lines Interactive! Whiteboard
  18. Picture Problems Interactive! Match pictures to number sentences.
  19. Rock Hopper Interactive!
  20. Speed Grid Addition Interactive!
  21. Speed Grid Subtraction Interactive!
  22. Sum Sense Addition Interactive!
  23. Sum Sense Subtraction Interactive!
  24. Tugboat Addition Interactive!
C. Fractions (in order of difficulty)
  1. Cross the River Interactive!
  2. Bowling for Fractions Interactive!
  3. Creature Capture Game Interactive!
  4. Fractions- Parts of a Whole Interactive!
  5. Fractions- Visualizing Interactive!
  6. Refraction Game Interactive! May take a few levels to get to the fractions.
  7. Tree Frog Treasure Game Interactive! May take a few levels to get to the fractions.
D. Geometry
  1. Buzzing With Shapes Interactive! Partner Activity
  2. I C Shapes
  3. Puzzle Blocks Interactive!
  4. RoboPacker Interactive!
  5. Shape Tool Interactive!
  6. Shapes Games Interactive! From PBS Kids
  7. Shapeville Interactive!
  8. Solid Figures and Plane Shapes Interactive!
  9. Tangrams Interactive! Solve puzzles.
  10. Tangrams 2 Interactive! from Cyberchase
  11. Tessellation Town Interactive!
E. Measurement and Graphing
  1. Comparison Estimator Interactive!
  2. Grapher Interactive!
  3. Measurement Games Interactive! from PBS Kids
  4. Reading a Graph 1 Interactive! Partner Activity
  5. Reading a Graph 2 Interactive! Partner Activity
  6. Reading a Graph 3 Interactive! Partner Activity
  7. Reading a Graph 4 Interactive! Partner Activity
  8. The Ruler Game Interactive!
F. Money
  1. Let's Compare Interactive! Count and compare coins.
  2. Piggy Bank Interactive!
G. Number Sense
  1. 5 Frame Interactive! From Illuminations
  2. 10 Frame Interactive! From Illuminations
  3. Big Numbers Interactive!
  4. Catch Ten Interactive!
  5. Counter Square Interactive!
  6. Estimation Interactive!
  7. Interactive 100 Square Interactive!
  8. Number Balance Teacher Demonstration Module
  9. Odd or Even Interactive!
  10. Splat Square Interactive!
  11. Wash Line Interactive! Ordering Numbers
H. Ordering Numbers
  1. The Cats In Line Interactive! Ordinal Number Practice
  2. Count Us In Ordinal Number Interactive!
  3. Counting Caterpillar Interactive!
  4. Fairy Fog 2s Interactive!
  5. Fairy Fog 5s Interactive!
  6. Fairy Fog 10s Interactive!
  7. Give the Dog a Bone Interactive! 100's Number Square Practice
  8. Mend the Number Square Interactive!
  9. Ordinal Numbers Interactive! from IXL
  10. Ordinal Order Interactive! from Harcourt
  11. Placing Numbers on the Number Line Interactive!
I. Patterns and Sorting (in order of difficulty)
  1. Math City's A B Patterns Video
  2. Oscar's Trash Collection Interactive!
  3. Check Out Cookie Interactive!
  4. Bert's Bottle Caps Interactive!
  5. Color Patterns Interactive!
  6. Polka Dot Shorts Interactive!
  7. Virtual Pattern Blocks Interactive!
  8. Flower Frenzy Interactive!
  9. Vegetable Patterns Interactive!
  10. Wild Cards Solitaire Interactive!
J. Place Value
  1. Base Ten Interactive!
  2. Dino Place Value Interactive!
  3. Numbers to 1,000 Interactive!
  4. Numbers to 1,000 In Different Ways Interactive!
  5. Place the Penguins Interactive!
  6. Round About Interactive!
  7. Shark Numbers Interactive!
  8. Seashell Rounding Interactive!
K. Problem Solving
  1. Bobby Bear Interactive! Probability Exercise
  2. The Effective Detective Interactive! from PBS Kids
  3. Find the Picture Interactive! Sums to 10, 20, 100, 200
  4. Max's Math Adventures from Scholastic
  5. Oochina the Archeologist Interactive!
  6. Powerlines 1 Interactive!
  7. Powerlines 2 Interactive!
  8. Powerlines 3 Interactive!
  9. Problem Solving Games Interactive! from PBS Kids
L. Time (in order of difficulty)
  1. Class Clock Interactive Teacher Tool!
  2. Time for Time Interactive Teacher Tool!
  3. Telling Time K Interactive!
  4. Telling Time 1 Interactive!
  5. Willy the Watch Dog Interactive! Paired Activity
  6. Clock Wise Interactive! from Shodor
  7. Clockwise Interactive! from the BBC
  8. Stop the Clock 1/2 hour Interactive!
  9. Stop the Clock 1/4 hour Interactive!
  10. Stop the Clock 5 min Interactive!
  11. Telling Time 2 Interactive!
  12. Bang on Time Interactive!

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